Mishustin told about the plans for payments to physicians for work COVID-19

The government will make proposals, in one form or another to continue the stimulating policy for physicians who struggle with novel coronavirus infection, the proposals will give Vladimir Putin, said Mikhail Mishustin.

The Prime Minister during the visit to Magadan visited the regional Oncology center and talked with staff. The doctors thanked him for the support and asked to convey his gratitude to the President.

"This is the first really need to say thank you — doctors, people who were saved in the period of a pandemic, the sick, those people who, unfortunately, was in a difficult situation," — said Mishustin.

"You know that the payments after September today will be continued in a certain way. We are now looking at a pandemic situation. It is, of course, is not what was in the beginning, and as the analysis of the evaluation of this situation we report to the President submitted proposals and I am sure that they will support the continuation of a certain way of incentives of doctors and nurses who continue to work with covenyi patients," — said the Prime Minister.

He added that the payment of regional allowances to physicians will continue until Dec.

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