Vilfand warned Muscovites about low temperatures

Coming to the end of the week warming in the Metropolitan area cannot be considered as summer, as the nights will be cold in August, and in the morning will be chilly, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand.

"Mainly without precipitation, the temperature is 21-23 degrees. However, night temperatures are already low. They are mostly about 10 degrees (7 to 12 degrees). This means that in the morning, a person chilly, and summer is usually comfortable. So I would like to clarify that the question is not about the return of summer warmth in the truest sense of the word. Only conditionally can be called heat of the summer. We can say that it is "heat" in a typical August performance. This summer it is impossible to feel. It happens in the last days of July, in the first days of August, but not at the end of the month," - said Vilfand.

The scientist noted that the warming in Central Russia due to the weak northerly winds and active sun. By the end of the week to replace the North wind will come a weak South, and on this background temperature will increase. To say how long the warming, as of yet.

Vilfand said that in August climatic normal temperatures for the second half of the month significantly reduced.