Telegram held among Belarusians poll about the presidential election

Official Telegram channel in Belarus has created an anonymous survey, which asked residents to report for whom they voted in the presidential election.

According to the survey on 03:46 16 August in Moscow, Svetlana Tikhanovski voted 53 per cent of users for the incumbent President, Alexander Lukashenko — two percent.

Another 7 percent of respondents reported that they did not go to the polls, 3 percent voted against all.

The ninth of August in Belarus presidential elections were held. According to official data of the CEC, Lukashenko won, scoring 80.1 percent of the vote. On the second place — Svetlana Tikhanovski with 10.12 percent.

The opposition with the published results of the vote do not agree, and said on numerous falsifications during the counting of votes.

After the publication of the preliminary results in the country's unrest began. Thousands of people took to the streets, considering the results of the vote were rigged. Later the country went on strike in the largest industrial enterprises, the staff demanded new elections and the cessation of harsh treatment of protesters at demonstrations.