The witness of the death of Tsoi revealed details of the tragedy

The witness of the accident, which killed the rock musician Viktor Tsoi, told the NTV channel about the new details of the tragedy.

The woman who called herself Parsley, lives a hundred meters from the place where the crashed Choi. According to her, she witnessed the car Tsoi swept past her house at high speed, then abruptly jumped into the oncoming lane and crashed into the bus. Parsla noted that the blow was of such force that the engine of the car flew to the tree.

The woman called paramedics and police, and helped to get the body of the musician from the car.

"There's already nothing could help," she said.

The next day after the accident, Parsla learned from the local investigators, that the blood of Viktor Tsoi allegedly found 1.2 per Mille of alcohol. Then this information from the documents was removed, says the woman.

The leader of the group "Kino" was killed in a car accident near Riga August 15, 1990, after less than a month after his 28th birthday. According to the official version, Choi fell asleep at the wheel and his passenger "the Muscovite" went into the oncoming lane, where it collided with the bus "Ikarus".