Angloromani a child in Sochi, the father explained his actions

The man was arrested in Sochi for waving on a video baby, like a doll, he explained his action. Footage of his police interview were published by the TV channel REN TV.

Earlier in the instagram account of the inhabitant of Sochi has a video in which a man sitting on a chair in the woods, holds the leg of the baby, waving them like a puppet, and whistling a tune. The police after the publication of the video of the beginning of the test. Also, the story drew the attention of the Commissioner for children's rights in Russia Anna Kuznetsova. On Saturday law enforcement agencies have established the identity of the baby's parents. They were 35-year-old Muscovite and 27-year-old native of Belgorod.

"I can explain the following: the video shows how I enough, in General, be careless with the child, and it might appear that there is some on my part, the negligence," said the father of the child.

According to the man, he has "his own ideas about how to treat children."

The detainee also suggested to pay attention to the "little monkeys". After all, we live in the Darwinian system, which suggests that we all came from there. Accordingly, the activity, I feel the need to give the child and from childhood to give him to crawl, be it a little on the hinges, to somersault him to ramcat and so forth," he said.

The infant's father added that "this is what" supposedly gives the "correct formation apparatus as bone and ligaments".

Saturday SU IC Russia in Krasnodar region initiated the issue of the withdrawal of the police material inspection and transfer it for further consideration, an objective legal assessment, study of living conditions and upbringing of the child and the adoption of procedural decisions.