Employees of Belteleradiocompany intend to strike

The technical staff of the BTRC intends to strike in accordance with law, the interruption of broadcasting is not threatened, told RIA Novosti the head of the Belarusian Union of journalists Andrey Krivosheev.

On Saturday in Minsk hosted a meeting of the collective media holding company that integrates state television, with the press Secretary of the President of Belarus Natalia Eismont and speaker of the upper chamber of Parliament Natalia Kochanova. The staff said that he had raised the issue of the coverage of the protests. Some believe that it was possible to find a compromise, others argue that the authorities expressed the need to hold another meeting on issues of coverage. A few people have said the decision to resign.

Krivosheev said that he was present at this meeting, and there "the conversation was very different." "There were those who opposed the strike, those who support. Someone managed to calm someone there", - he said.

The head of the journalists Union noted that employees are willing to comply with the law and to strike in accordance with its requirements. "Meetings with them, tomorrow is another Monday," he said.

According to Krivosheev, Saturday was organized by the technical staff of the BTRC. "The technicians, not the reporters. Say that can throw a strike," he explained.

On the question of whether threatens ongoing disruption of broadcasting, he answered in the negative: "No, not threatened".

Earlier on Saturday, in front of the BTRC was held to protest, its members, calling journalists "to tell the truth," hung above the entrance a white-red-white flag, which uses the Belarusian opposition.

The ninth of August in Belarus presidential elections were held. According to official data of the CEC, Lukashenko won, scoring 80.1 percent of the vote. On the second place — Svetlana Tikhanovski with 10.12 percent.

The opposition of these results is not recognized, and she Tikhanovski went to Lithuania.

After the closing of polling stations in the country started an unauthorized protest. Security forces suppressed them harshly using tear gas, water cannons, stun grenades, and rubber bullets.

Protests on August 13-14 in the majority were peaceful. So, on August 14 took place many thousands demonstration at the government House in Minsk, where including is the CEC of Belarus. The protesters demanded a recount and the resignation of Lukashenko, there were no arrests.

According to the interior Ministry of Belarus, as a result of the riots, from 9 to 13 August, suffered 121 the police officer filed more than 90 criminal cases. Detained nearly seven thousand participants of the unsanctioned rallies.

One person, according to the interior Ministry, was killed while trying to throw the police improvised explosive device.