Cepstral Moscow denied the information about beating patient a nurse

The Department of health of Moscow has denied the information about the bullying of a nurse over a patient with a disability in one of the hospitals in the city, according to the website of the Moscow Department of health

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the patient is disabled accused the nurse of one of the Moscow clinics abuse: after discharge, the pensioner told the son that the hospital she allegedly unjustly beaten and strangled. What about the clinic in question were not reported.

"As a result of outreach of institutional control, during which were interviewed patients and staff of the Department in which the works specified in the article, the nurse, the fact that mistreatment of medical personnel with the patient was not confirmed," - said in the message.

It is noted that the patient is suffering from several chronic diseases, which long she takes drugs, has a number of side effects, described in the instructions. In addition, the patient has a place of chronic hemorrhagic syndrome in the form of multiple hematomas of different localization and degree of limitations.

"Additionally, we inform that on the background of multi-component therapy has achieved positive clinical and laboratory results. The patient was discharged home in satisfactory condition", - concluded daskale.