Named the most effective ways to slow brain aging

Doctor and TV presenter Alexander Myasnikov called the TV channel "Russia 1" the most effective ways to slow down aging of the brain.

This problem, as the expert noted, occurs not only with age but also with the young people. So, people live under stress, not knowing how to properly react to it, too lazy to conduct a correct lifestyle, a little move.

According to Myasnikov, one of the ways of slowing the aging brain – preserving social activity. "So, (you must. – approx. ed.) to keep the interest in life, to be young, at least internally, to all interested, read a lot, think a lot," - said the doctor.

To slow aging of the brain should eat right, advised the specialist. In particular, according to him, in the prevention of dementia useful seafood, which is a polyunsaturated fatty acid.

Another way of butchers called regular exercise. "You have to be active, only then your brain will work," - said TV presenter. According to him, physical activity is good affects brain activity and improves its performance.

In addition, to preserve the health of the brain it is necessary to abandon bad habits. The presenter recalled that Smoking causes atherosclerosis of the blood vessels of the brain, which in turn leads to dementia.