In the Ministry of education said that in some cases children can be removed from the family

The removal of children from families is an extreme measure, applicable in case of real threat of life of the child, but needed irrefutable confirmation of the existence of grounds for such a move, said Deputy Minister of education Dennis Mushrooms, a review of which is available to RIA Novosti.

Earlier, RT reported that the representatives of the guardianship forced the 47-year-old Muscovite Marina Volhonskoe to voluntarily give up their four children in the social centre because of the mess in the house. Six months later, against women filed a suit on restriction of parental rights.

Mushroom noted that the Ministry monitors the cases of violations of children's rights. In this situation, the Ministry also is in close contact with the guardianship of Moscow.

He assured that the situation with Volhonskoe will be taken under control and also stressed that we need to clearly understand the area of responsibility of guardianship and other, to consider the situation first from the family.

"All such cases must be resolved with the best interests of children", - noted the Deputy Minister.

Mushrooms added that the bodies of guardianship and guardianship are obliged to carry out its work in close cooperation with the population, public organizations. "We must not shy away from these principles and make a decision only based on children's interests and preserve and protect the institution of the family", he concluded.