Elena Malysheva is stuck in the US

Doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva stuck in the USA due to the cancellation of direct flights to Russia. She announced this in Instagram.

She spends a vacation in the United States visiting children and grandchildren.

Malyshev expressed dissatisfaction with the current situation, air service. "I can't understand why "Aeroflot" sold the free tickets from 1 August to every day, and now suddenly canceled! I am now looking for tickets. Only through third countries. A nightmare!" she said, responding to comments from subscribers.

The pandemic coronavirus Russia from March 27 stopped regular and Charter flights with other countries. The only exception was the flight that the Russians are trafficked from abroad (and foreigners — from Russia), as well as cargo, postal, sanitary, and others.

Today, Russia opened the border with Turkey, Britain, Tanzania and Switzerland.