Dzhigurda ridiculed the words of Prigogine about the waste of two million rubles a month

Actor and showman Nikita Dzhigurda commented in an interview Teleprogramma.pro the words of the producer Joseph Prigogine on his monthly expenses.

Earlier, Prigogine said that in a month spends at least a half to two million rubles. According to him, this amount includes the money he pays, its collaborating artists.

The chair noted that during the quarantine, has spent about 30 thousand rubles a month, while he "drank a yogurt" and do not eat meat.

"I know that some people do live for 8-12 thousand rubles. I laugh at the words of the producer Joseph Prigogine, who need half a million rubles a month", - said the showman.

The actor pointed out that this sum included expenses only for him, not his family, who lives in France.

"There is, of course, for 30 thousand rubles will not live", — he added.