"We have to get him!": Zarubina called guilty in the death of Legkostupova

Singer Olga Zarubina, a close friend of Valentina Legkostupova, said "the Fifth channel" that the death of the actress involved in her husband Yuri Firsov.

On the death of Legkostupova previously told her daughter.

"How could you fall to get such a huge bruise, I will never believe in life that a person could fall... I didn't like it (Firsov. – approx. ed.) appearance... That somehow I was confused about... It should be put, to break into pieces," said Zarubina.

According to her, Legkostupova was a good man and a wonderful singer. She also criticized those who considered the history of hospitalization PR.

"Many thought it was a black PR. We also like to do that, I also thought about this. And then I realized, no. May not be such a PR. A man can not sell themselves on your health. It's possible," she added.

That the actress was hospitalized with a head injury, it became known on Tuesday. As wrote some mass media, the singer was in a drug treatment clinic in a state of alcoholic intoxication with bruises all over her body. The singer had surgery, after which she went into a coma.

Police detained and questioned the wife of the artist. The investigation suggests that Legkostupova were injured after falling in his apartment.