Ukraine expressed regret over the transfer of Belarus detained Russians

Ukraine "with regret" accepts the decision of Belarus to give Russia 32 detained citizens, Kiev expected "is more legally correct and informed decisions", reports on Friday, the office of the President.

The Prosecutor General's office earlier Friday said that detained earlier on the territory of Belarus 32 Russian citizen returned to Russia.

The Belarusian authorities announced on July 29 on the arrest of 33 Russian citizens. SK of Belarus clarified that the detainees are suspected of preparing mass riots in the Republic. Thus, according to intelligence services, previously information was received of the arrival in Belarus ", more than 200 militants to destabilize the situation during the election campaign." Presidential elections in the Republic took place on August 9.

As stated later, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, with a high degree of confidence we can say that the detainees in Belarus, the Russians are employees of chop, was the country's transit and missed the flight. The detainees, according to Peskov, did not commit illegal actions, and Russia does not interfere and does not interfere in the internal Affairs of Belarus.

Press-service of office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine said that Kiev intends to demand the extradition of 28 detained in Belarus citizens of criminal responsibility for alleged crimes, according to Kiev, with participation in the conflict in the Donbass. The Ministry said that 28 persons, of which nine have Ukrainian citizenship, it is declared suspicion on the article related to the participation in a terrorist organization. The office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine also stated that they appealed to the Prosecutor General of Belarus with a request on temporary arrest of the detainees. The office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine on 12 August was sent to the Prosecutor General of Belarus requests the extradition of the detained 28 citizens.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko in turn said that their fate will be decided on the basis of agreements involving Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.