Scientists have proposed disinfecting respirators in a slow cooker

Respirator type N95, which are used for protection against coronavirus, can be effectively disinfected in a slow cooker, according to a study published in the American online journal "journal of environmental science and technology".

The authors of the study made by tan Nguyen, Professor of engineering protection of the environment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and several of her colleagues.

The temperature of 100 degrees is optimal, established researchers. At a higher temperature may disrupt the internal structure of a respirator, and at a lower temperature may need more time to kill all the viruses on the mask.

Scientists tested the mask, to which was affixed calicivirus, rotavirus, adenovirus and gastrointestinal virus.

A number of countries have faced in the last six months with a sharp increase in demand and, as a consequence, the deficit on the mask type N95, are most effective for protection against infection with a coronavirus. However, many countries are increasing capacity to produce them - thus, the United States this year will produce about 1.1 billion masks of this standard.

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