The French island of coronavirus is suffering from the influx of tourists

The authorities of the island of Porquerolles, located off the coast of France, between nice and the Riviera, are planning to reduce the number of visitors to four thousand a day, according to The Connexion France.

Because Covid-19 almost 70 percent of the French, who usually traveled abroad in the summer, remained at home. And some of them went on this and the other Islands.

The result - overcrowded restaurants and bars, a lack of space on the beaches, crowds at tourist attractions, the lack of bikes. The queue to the boat to get to Portrole from the nearby Peninsula, reaching 300 meters in length, stand in them accounting for three hours.

Local mayor Jean-Pierre Giran said the authorities are aware that excessive tourism is a problem. According to him, it's bad for the owners of shops and cafes that are overloaded, not good for people who arrive and get disappointed.

The mayor proposes to make changes to the work boat companies, in particular, to set the schedule for crossings and refuse to increase flights when the number of tourists is increasing.

He hopes that these measures will help to restrict the number of visitors to four thousand people a day.