Male three years faked cancer to avoid being dumped by girlfriend

. A UK resident Kevin Bevis for three years pretended to be for cancer patients to avoid parting with his beloved, writes Daily Mail.

Couple together in 2016. In the beginning of the relationship her friend Brit Karen Gregory liked his "old-fashioned", but later it turned out that they are "incompatible" in bed.

Three months later, the British decided to break up with Awesom, but he convinced her to wait a little bit breakup. In the spring of 2017, he told Gregory that suffers from stomach cancer.

To convince his beloved to his illness, the man walked with a cane and every day drank for 20 tablets of vitamins, giving them a cure for the deadly disease. He asked Gregory to go with him for "treatment". After a while Kevin said that he also "discovered" oral cancer and a brain tumor.

The man even said about the "diagnosis" of their parents and made to believe in the disease friends girls.

As told to Karen, she didn't want to continue with Awesom romance, however, could not "leave someone who is dying." The Briton said that at some point felt like a man, even though he has repeatedly raised her hand.

In 2019, the daughter of Gregory convinced her to go to the police and try to learn more about the diagnosis men.

In the end, Bevis admitted that lied to all the time beloved. A man was sentenced to 18 months in prison and was forbidden to get close to Karen.