The pose of the pilot of the plane has caused controversy in the Network

Unusual posture of the pilot of domestic airlines during a flight has led to disputes among users of instagram.

The footage, shot from the cabin of a light aircraft captured the man sitting at the controls of the plane. Through the open door of the cabin shows that the pilot sits barefoot, placing one foot over the other.

"Houston, we have a problem", — wrote the author of the account.

Commentators were divided. Some are not found in it anything shameful.

"Many pilots fly barefoot," wrote white_sherpa.

"It doesn't bother me," admitted tigresauce.

"Let him take everything, just drove," wrote jessicalsteele.

Other passengers did not like what he saw.

"Not a pilot!" called yasglas.

"If your shoes are so uncomfortable that you produced on people, change it" — called arapsega.

However, the bare feet of the pilot found the explanation. The video captures the interior of the Danish regional airlines operating flights on seaplanes. According to some commentators, the cabin is simply impossible to sit in the Shoe, and the pilots have to fly barefoot and wear shorts.