Experts have told how has changed the cost of accommodation in hotels of Turkey

The tour operators told me how a year has changed for the expenses of a traveller on vacation in Turkey, according to ATOR.

This summer, accommodation prices in the hotels were almost a quarter lower than a year ago. "In August last year, the average price was 650 dollars per person, that 500-560 dollars", – said the General Director of a leading travel company Taras Demura.

About a third of the sold rounds now - postponed due to the pandemic, and 70 percent of the new reservation, he added.

Turkey until the end of the season will take more than half a million tourists from Russia. Prices for holidays at the Mediterranean or Aegean coast is very attractive, says CEO network of travel agencies Alexan Mkrtchyan.

"Vacation in Turkey a week together in a five star hotel on system "all inclusive" is now possible for the sum from 90 to 150 thousand rubles, flights and insurance included. Rest in Yalta hotel on the same date it is possible for 130 thousand rubles for two "for Breakfast" and excluding the cost of tickets" – gave an example Mkrtchyan.