Alexey Uchitel: it remains to wonder what Choi wrote, in our days

The leader of the group "Kino" Viktor Tsoi at concerts had a mystical effect on the audience, the political meaning of his songs do not lose their relevance today, we can only wonder what Choi wrote, in our days, told RIA Novosti Director of the film "Choi" Alexey Uchitel.

"We met with Victor in 1987, when I was shooting the documentary "Rock." Heroes I had five: Boris Grebenshchikov (leader of group "Aquarium" - ed.), Yuri Shevchuk (leader of group "DDT" - ed.), Oleg Garkusha (the leader of the group "Auktyon" - ed.), Timur Novikov (painter - ed.) and Viktor Tsoi. I chose the most silent of them – Victor and offered to come to him in the boiler room with a camera and asking questions, to shoot it there. He worked the entire shift. We spoke with him, I took his speech, was friends with his wife Mariana, later also filmed his son Sasha for the film "Last hero". Victor was a person, quite introverted, but at concerts he was transformed and had a mystical impact on the viewers. It was already clear that this extraordinary personality, but to imagine that 30 years after his death he will remain a cult figure, I could not. This is its uniqueness, its phenomenon," - said the Teacher.

According to the Director, he made the film "Choi", largely to allow for yourself an "awesome mystery" of the phenomenon of the leader of group "Cinema". The teacher noted that his film is not a biopic about the life of Choi, the film tells through his entourage about what happened after the death of the musician.

The leader of the group "Kino" was killed in a car accident near Riga August 15, 1990, after less than a month after his 28th birthday. According to the official version, Choi fell asleep at the wheel and his passenger "the Muscovite" went into the oncoming lane, where it collided with the bus "Ikarus".

The film by Alexei Uchitel "Choi" will be released September 3. It will show the fictional events of July-August 1990. The actor playing Viktor Tsoi, the screen will not. The main role of the bus driver is played by Yevgeny Tsyganov. The film also starred Paulina Andreeva, Maryana Spivak, Igor Vernik and others.