The astrologer called the basic traits of each zodiac sign

Writer and expert on astrology Kate rose called the main features and characteristics of each sign of the zodiac, according to YourTango.

So, the astrological year begins (21st Mar — 20th APR), whose ruling planet is Mars, element — Fire. Representatives of this sign are ambitious and usually know what they want. However, due to the excessive pressure they do not always get to. Aries — passionate, temperamental, honest and courageous people, and all that surrounds them, full of drive and energy.

Next comes (21st APR — 20th may). It is ruled by Venus, element — Earth. According to Kate rose, the sign is simultaneously modest and romantic, thanks to Venus — the planet of love. Taurus is usually reliable, strong, patient, and responsible people. But sometimes they can be stubborn indifference and jealousy.

In General, Taurus is a beautiful sign that knows how to plan and set tasks to achieve a common goal, and properly dispose of the money and just take life.

(21st may —21st Jun) who is ruled by the planet mercury and the element of Air, is a quick — witted and clever sign for which it is important to learn something and someone to communicate. They are able to empathize and sympathize. However, due to an overabundance of energy, become restless and unable to make decisions and focus on one thing for a long time.

Representatives of the sign (22 June — 22 July) with the ruling planet Moon and element of Water, as is known, represent mothers and keepers of hearth and home.

Of the best qualities in your Hand, you can highlight the creativity and sensitivity of the worst — the habit to manipulate someone and be pessimists. Although representatives of this water sign homebodies by nature, but will never give up travelling.

Kate rose claimed (23rd Jul — 22nd Aug), which ruled the Sun and Fire, do behave in life as kings or Queens "of the jungle." This sign can be a real leader — creative and active, but it is also inherent in the times to dramatize, to hesitate, to show selfishness and arrogance. Expert on astrology recommends "find the balance" between these qualities. Still, the Lions know how to "follow his heart" and not be afraid of this.

(23rd August — 21st September) who is ruled by two planets: Earth and mercury and element is Earth, known for its attention to detail, logic and pragmatism. This sign is deeply loyal, kind and generous to people. However, the Dev also has negative sides. Representatives of this sign love to criticize themselves and others, and to worry about little things and work more than they should, forgetting about the rest and entertainment.

With regard to ( 22 September — 22 October), which, like Taurus is also ruled by Venus (element — Air), they focused on partnership. The sign respects the personal space of another person and a good listener. Knows when to speak and when to remain silent. Representatives of this sign usually are very kind, diplomatic, caring and generous people who try to do just right. But they also tend to keep a grudge and do not take responsibility, even if you become a member of some conflict.

(23rd October — 22nd November), whose ruling planets Mars and Pluto and the element is Water, is a bright and insightful sign of the zodiac. However, despite this energy, they often give the impression of a closed people. Calm and relaxed — that's the kind of atmosphere you love to create around themselves the representatives of this sign, regardless of what you really feel.

Those born under the sign (23 November — 21 December), under the planet Jupiter and the element of Fire, do not like to obey, which they often are on the wave. In astrology, the representatives of this sign are considered to be funny and charismatic adventurers with its philosophy, the essence of which is to make this life a little better.

But even so, over time, to the Musketeers of the deeper knowledge and wisdom.

Unfortunately ( 22nd December — 20th January ruling planet is Saturn, element — Earth) is not a fun and easy sign of the zodiac. But this is the best because he has the winning hand, that others do not. Representatives of this sign are strong and persistent people who love to achieve their goals.

Known for his responsibility, discipline and tact, Capricorns tend to make a successful career. But the family and love them can be a problem due to excessive demands of Capricorn — they lay too much hope on others.

According to Kate rose, (21st Jan —19th Feb) who is ruled by Uranus and Saturn, and the element of Air, you know not only how to catch the rhythm of life, but also how to create it. Representatives of this sign are rebels, that are able to find solutions to old problems and to penetrate into the essence of what really matters, not listening to the opinions of others. But at times they can seem heartless and relentless. They are hard to Express feelings.

Last, the 12th sign of the zodiac, which completes the astrological year . Their ruling planet: Neptune and Jupiter, and the element is Water.

At first glance, this sign may seem overly romantic and dreamy, but Pisces can also quickly cool down if they are hurt or shown disrespect. Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, it seems that this sign must always make a choice or to choose between one way or the other — sometimes reality and the world of their fantasies. Fish — wise, generous, they have developed intuition, but because of excessive credulity, often scared and worried.