Ridiculed "pout" Guzeeva retorted podyschite

Larisa Guzeeva, which is the last publication made fun of girls who enhance the lips by using injections and operations, retorted podyschite, which criticized the TV presenter in the comments.

Host of "let's get married!" posted on instagram a picture in which applies to the lips flat peach, reminiscent of the "huge lips" and wrote: "a Woman with a peach". However, not all users laugh joke.

"Why are you so? Not funny. I thought you smarter," wrote _lamanna._, which really enhances the lips.

Many users also responded to this review subscribers will: "And you with your lips the similarity found, so react?" — appealed to _lamanna._ the lady with the nickname maltseva8767.

"It was funny. Not funny to look at your lips filled with silicone. Just do not say that it is by nature they are" — joined the discussion marinastetkevich.

"If you touched the peach, well then you cripple yourself to yourself?"— asked nartikoeva1881.

Despite the controversy, most users still understand the humor Larisa Guzeeva and wrote in the comments in the same funny way that the presenter looks "chic" in this way.