Family Degtyarev flew to Khabarovsk

Wife and two sons acting Governor of the Khabarovsk Krai Mikhail Degtyarev arrived in Khabarovsk.

Video family meetings Degtyarev, published in his account in Instagram. It shows the acting Governor meets his wife, with her teenage son and the youngest child in the stroller. They are surrounded by journalists with photo and video cameras.

"I flew my favorite," wrote Degtyarev.

In late July, he announced that in the next few weeks waiting for the arrival to Khabarovsk wife with his young son. All his four sons. Degtyarev noted that the main difficulty in moving issues connected with the beginning of the school year in children.

Degtyarev was appointed acting head of the region on 20 July after the removal from office of the former Governor Sergey Furgala in connection with loss of trust. In Khabarovsk he arrived on July 21.