Ex-lawyer trump said that he won the election with the help of Russia

The former lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Michael Cohen has published the Preface of his book and promised to tell how the American leader was cheating in the presidential election with the help of Russia.

Spectacular USA Robert Mueller for two years investigated assumptions about the "Russian interference" in the elections, which Moscow denies. Mueller has completed the investigation, confirming the charges of meddling in elections. However, he found no evidence of "collusion" between Donald trump and Russia, which denied both the Kremlin and the White house.

The book is a former lawyer, trump needs to go on 8 September.

Cohen was convicted of financial and other violations to three years in prison. In may, he was released under house arrest in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus. However, after that, Cohen began to appear on the streets of new York and at local restaurants. He was placed back in jail on 9 July. Subsequently, the court again ordered the release of Cohen out of jail.

Previously, Cohen was highly critical of trump and said that in the past helped the Tramp to solve improper problems, including paying for the silence of women who stated that they had ties with trump. Cohen was convicted of violations of the law on the financing of election campaigns, and for lying to Congress in an attempt to protect trump himself. Despite this, before sending to jail Cohen again addressed the Congress with allegations against trump.