When you need to abandon wearing coloured contact lenses

Colored contact lenses can distort perception of the world, so by wearing them you need to follow some rules, told radio Sputnik, doctor of medical Sciences and ophthalmologist Vyacheslav Kurenkov.

Colored lenses allow a person easily get the desired eye color. It may be beautiful, but in parallel with it to cause some inconvenience. Such colored lenses should not be worn in the evening or in cloudy weather.

It is not only inconvenience, but also distorts the perception of the world. Get behind the wheel in colored contact lenses, probably not worth it.

Quite another matter - tint lenses, says Vyacheslav Kurenkov.

"Contact lenses dyed, including the centre, but this does not affect the perception. This can increase the contrast of perception. It's as if you are wearing glasses with some filter. In this case, you have only increased the contrast. It's all safe," explained ophthalmologist Vyacheslav Kurenkov in an interview with radio Sputnik.