Researchers examined the place of death of the steamship "Chelyuskin"

Underwater search expedition to survey the scene of the wreck of the legendary ship "Chelyuskin" was held in the Chukchi sea, according to Marsaskala of Rosmorrechflot.

The expedition was attended by academics and search engines. Its purpose was to update data on the actual location of the ship and creating a three-dimensional model of the condition.

Upon completion of the expeditionary force tug of Marsaskala, having paid respects to the dead ship "Chelyuskin" and landed the expedition party came to the place of permanent basing.

Since leaving the port of Vladivostok, the ship passed more than 4 thousand sea miles, still have about 2700 nautical miles to the home port in good weather.

The ship is named after the Russian Navigator and Explorer of the North Seeds Chelyuskin. "Chelyuskin", built by the Soviet government for the development of the Northern sea route, sank in February 1934 in the Chukchi sea in the polar night, and a strong compression of ice after nearly five months of drift. On the ice, landed 104. Rescue operation by aircraft Chelyuskinites, which stood in the camp on the ice, ended exactly two months – she became the first ever successful large-scale rescue operation in Arctic conditions. This was the beginning of the creation of a strong polar aviation and the full development of the Arctic trails.