Malicious avtohuliganov proposed to deprive the rights

Penalties for disorderly conduct can increase if it has been done repeatedly, and the worst offenders, which involved more than two times, plan to deny driver's license for hooliganism with the use of the car. The corresponding bill prepares in the state Duma, told RIA Novosti the author of the initiative, the Chairman of the Committee on family, women and children Elena Vtorygina.

The Deputy explained that currently the responsibility for repeated disorderly conduct comes only for such actions on the Internet, including in respect of power.

She stressed that if the offender is persistent, that is involved in similar cases two more times, then the list of possible penalties should be extended, including up to the deprivation of the right of control of the vehicle if the disorderly conduct was committed with its use.

The idea of drafting such a bill came from the MP after the incident in Vladivostok, when the driver of the Lexus was deliberately splashed water from puddles pedestrians and caught it on video which was then posted on the Internet.

The incident in Vladivostok took place on 26 June, when he dropped out more than monthly norm of precipitation. The city's flooded roads, one area came selle. In the video, filmed from the cabin of the Lexus, is seen as the driver of a foreign car, at speed driving through a flooded intersection, pours dirty water on the people passing by and comments: "free car wash... (persons)".

In social networks reported that the author of the trick posted a video of his antics in Instagram, later the video was removed. It drew up a report under article "disorderly conduct", the court fined him 80 thousand rubles.

The police said that the young man apologized to the residents of the Primorsky territory, recorded a video message on his Instagram account. Also the Ministry of internal Affairs reported that in may last year, this young man already came into the view of militiamen for posted videos. The guy then blocked his car out of the door of a residential building in the city center during the celebration of Victory Day, he was fined.

The MP stressed that she was unaware of the reasons of the act and causes "blatant contempt" of the driver to others, but in any case they can't justify.

"The situation is complicated by the fact that this case household rudeness circulated through social networks, is in danger of becoming viral. We may be faced with a whole series of similar things from avrahamov wanting to take over", concluded Vtorygina.