"The blood froze in my veins": released from detention center in Minsk said about the beatings

Released from the detention center in Akrestsin street in Minsk told about the beatings. People were asked not to applaud, explaining that the ovation security forces respond with force, but some of the released said that they beat their riot police, but not IVS.

The release of detainees began in the night of Friday, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

At the moment of the IVS, there were two small groups of about five and more than ten people. Released girls throw themselves into the arms of loved ones and crying.

Some are taken away ambulance. When the yard leaves the ambulance, the driver reports the name and went on. Atmosphere say that there are people who are so badly beaten that they cannot walk.

Leaving stopped to meet with applause. Near ITT discuss information on every standing ovation behind the walls of the detention center responded with new battery. When a new group of girls, the crowd did not stand up and start a standing ovation, but the back ask them to stop.

Facing towards the fleeing reporters, the greeters asked journalists not to go on the roadway, because it threatens to disperse the crowd.

One of the released reported that was detained on the stock of physicians. The ambulance doctor Anastasia said that during the arrest she was sent the gun. "The people around me were in shock, we are in white coats, pointing the weapon," she said.

She also said that in the detention center often heard the cries of battered. "The blood froze in the veins from what we heard," added Anastasia.

Released the young man said that he had been sentenced to days of administrative arrest. He has a split lip and abrasions on the fingers. "In the detention center did not beat, only to beat the riot police", - he said.

Near the detention center has gathered not less than two hundred people in the crowd handing out water, offer to charge phones. A large group of waiting came to help released get home, machines for distribution so much that they do not fit over and line up in two rows.

When from behind the fence heard the muffled sound of blows or loud cries, the crowd stops listening.