Of shares in the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow detained three people

Police detained at least three people at an unsanctioned rally near the Embassy of Belarus in Moscow, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

Thursday, August 13, in the region of 18 hours, the protesters gathered outside of the Embassy of Belarus in Moscow against the results of the election results in Belarus, which were won by Alexander Lukashenko.

The police repeatedly forced out the congregation off the street near the Embassy, after which they came back. One of the protesters detained on the way to Starosadsky lane two when the protesters stood on the street near the Embassy.

Four other people the police stopped but did not arrest and were released after preventive conversation.

A review of police RIA Novosti has not yet.

On Thursday, the participants of the protest action near the Embassy of Belarus in Moscow has lined up in the "chain of solidarity" on both sides of the streets, starting from the intersection of the alley with Starosadsky towards Chistoprudny Boulevard, in hands they held red and white flowers - carnations, roses, daisies or hydrangeas, periodically applauded each other.

The flowers the day before the protesters laid to the fence gate in front of the Embassy of Belarus, was removed, but the protesters on Thursday brought new and since they are not allowed to put them on asphalt, they tie them with Scotch tape to the lamp at the intersection.

Mass protests began across Belarus on 9 August, after the presidential election, won by incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko, according to the CEC, he scored 80,08% of the vote. Sunday's unsanctioned rally continues, but they harshly suppressed by the security forces. Against protesters, the law enforcement officers used tear gas, water cannons, stun grenades, and rubber bullets. As reported, the interior Ministry, during the riots one person was killed, he tried to throw an unidentified explosive device in the direction of law enforcement.