It turned out what seat to choose for those who suffer from nausea

Experts told which seat is best to take those who suffer from "air sickness", reports the Express.

Choice seats at the front of the liner will help make the flight more relaxing. For those who are prone to motion sickness, a good option is to stay in the region of the wings. But sitting in the back, you can feel all the air holes.

A former flight attendant of the company-loukoster Matt explained that the first series is the best place to easier to survive the turbulence.

The choice of seats with extra legroom will also benefit those who suffer from motion sickness because they will have more space to accommodate with comfort. In addition, experts advise to avoid oily and junk food before the flight, it can increase the chances of getting "airsick". Also the air is to give up alcoholic drinks.

To start trouble, maybe from a long look into the portable device such as a phone or tablet.

The researchers suggest that the chair next to the window can minimize the chances of feeling sick. Even this arrangement reduces the contact with other passengers who pass by to use the bathroom or stretch your legs. As an added bonus, reducing the chances of catching the virus.