Travel agents said, as in Turkey, the guides are forcing guests to buy excursions

According to travel agents in Turkey some guides invented a new way to force guests to purchase tours, reports TourDom.ru.

So, on the first day of the tour guests have reported that if they want to leave the hotel on the street and visit the tour, they need to put in the vouchers blue print. To choose necessary on the same day. Otherwise there will be a red mark, which means a ban on walking outside the hotel.

The guides are scaring tourists by the police, which supposedly checks the papers on the streets. As a result, many tourists agree to purchase the tour on the first day.

"In fact, no red, blue, black marks never put," say the employees of host companies.

Experts clarify that the movement in Turkey is not limited. However, in 52 regions of the country from locals and tourists need to wear masks on the streets. The penalty for violation of this rule is 900 Lira – more than nine thousand rubles. But in Antalya this rule does not apply, the mask is necessary only in closed rooms, buses.