The audience noticed the gaffe in "Jurassic Park" 27 years after the premiere

The attentive viewer and fan of the Steven Spielberg film "Jurassic Park" in the sci-Fi blockbuster of 1993 year 27 years after its premiere, reports the Independent.

This fan wrote in the Reddit subforum MovieDetails "In "Jurassic Park" there is a scene in which the dinosaur opens the door to the kitchen, and in this moment you can see how the operator grabs the predator by the tail".

In the film, Spielberg's dinosaurs were created with cgi and puppets. One such model, the operator really holds the tail when the dinosaur enters the kitchen to catch the girl lexi (Ariana Richards) and her younger brother Timmy (Joseph Mazzello).

According to the Independent, many Reddit users wrote in comments that they were surprised by this discovery, despite the fact that such members are often found in movies.

One such example is the emergence of a white van during a battle in the historical drama "Braveheart" (1995), in which in the XVIII century. And in the legendary Thriller Quentin Tarantino's "pulp fiction" (1994) you can see traces from the bullets, before the heroes begin to shoot.

Leading actors of "Jurassic Park" Sam Neill, Jeff Goldblum and Laura Dern are going to repeat their roles in the upcoming film "Jurassic World 3", the shooting of which has recently resumed. The tape will remove Colin Trevorrow.