Named the main version of the investigation Legkostupova, lapsed into a coma

Russian singer Valentine Legkostupova received a head injury, hitting his head in the bathroom after a fall. This version, according to REN TV, the police consider as the main one.

On admission Legkostupova it became known on Tuesday. According to some media reports, the singer was in a drug treatment clinic in a state of alcoholic intoxication, with a broken head and bruises all over her body. Later she went into a coma, the doctors are trying to relieve brain swelling.

According to "Moskovsky Komsomolets", the doctor warned relatives of the actress that predictions about the state of her health is disappointing.

Legkostupova - Russian singer, honored artist of Russia. Born in 1965, studied at the Musical pedagogical Institute Gnesin, Department of pop vocal Professor Joseph Kobzon. Her debut took place in 1985, is a singer of such popular songs as "Berry-raspberry", "I'm smiling", "Two", and many others.