Belarusians threw it in the trash in the form of special forces

A few people who claim to have served in law enforcement agencies of Belarus, has recorded a video in which they throw their shape. In footage posted on the page in Instagram.

Evgeny Novitsky from the satellite city of Minsk Logoysk posted on his Instagram video, which his brother says that he can not be proud of where he served, and cannot store the form that is visible stripe "special forces", at home, and then throws it in the trash.

Artem Belanovich stated that "the Belarusian brotherhood of special forces in Belarus no more", he then threw in the trash takes. Its entry marked with a hashtag in/HR 3214 (the number of the military unit of interior troops of the MIA of Belarus – ed.) he also posted to Instagram.

Protests in Belarus began after the results of the presidential election. According to the CEC, incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko scored 80,08 percent of the vote, Svetlana Tikhanovski supported 10.09 percent.

After the polls closed, the citizens who are dissatisfied with the organization and results of the voting, took to the streets. Unauthorized mass protests continue for a fourth day.

Against protesters, the law enforcement officers used tear gas, water cannons, stun grenades, and rubber bullets. As reported, the interior Ministry, during the riots one person was killed, he tried to throw an unidentified explosive device in the direction of law enforcement.