Hair first-graders acknowledged dangerous

MOSCOW, 13 Aug - RIA Novosti. Girls braiding too tight braids, parents put children at risk. What can cause the usual school hair, told in an interview to radio Sputnik dermatologist, trichologist Julia nagaytseva.

The school has specific requirements: girls must be to pick up hair, hair must not cover the face and eyes. From a medical point of view, the hair has to be removed, because the hair that cover the face, not only in the way, but straining my eyes. Moreover, the hair is distracting the child, which affects the learning process. But there is another side of the coin, has warned Julia nagaytseva. Moms love to do tight hairstyles in advance: braid hair at night to reduce the time-outs of the child to school in the morning that may cause harm, told trichologist in an interview with radio Sputnik.

This form of alopecia can not be cured by therapeutic, warned the trichologist.

"There is only one way of restoration is a surgical hair transplantation. The procedure is quite expensive, there are certain restrictions and most importantly – even after hair transplantation, if you continue to make such hairstyles, the process will resume," – said Julia nagaytseva.

The trichologist told how to protect the child from alopecia.

"If you do hairstyles for school, after school, hair must dissolve, or collect it in a lighter tail. At night the hair is desired to dissolve. If the hair is too long, you can braid a loose, easy braid," he told radio Sputnik Julia nagaytseva.