Died writer Igor Yefimov

Lived in the US, writer Igor Yefimov has died on 84-m to year of life, reported in Facebook by his friend, publicist Evgeny Berkovich.

"The book we release, there is no doubt. I will miss his sincere joy from each new book, his young enthusiasm and thirst for new victories. To work until the last day given to the righteous. Light memory!" he added.

Efimov was 83 years old. He left the Soviet Union in 1978 and lived in the United States, where he worked in the publishing house "Ardis", and then he founded the publishing house "the Hermitage".

Efimov was the author of a number of books, plays, stories. He is the author of the book "Look who's here!", "To overthrow every yoke" novels "As one flesh", "the Archives of the last judgment," "the Seventh wife", "the Court case", "Novgorod Telecom", "Wrong", memoir of Joseph Brodsky "Nobel parasite". Yefimov also wrote the philosophical works "Practical metaphysics" and "Meta" under the pseudonym Andrey Moskovit.