In Belarus ended the fourth day of protests

Protests against results of presidential elections in Belarus continues the fourth day. Now all four of the opposition candidate for the post of head of state requires to cancel the results of voting. And although the environment had fewer collisions between protesters and militiamen, as a result of collisions of cars per day brought down the employee of GAI.

Mass protests began across Belarus on 9 August, after the presidential election, won by incumbent Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, according to the CEC, he scored 80,08% of the vote. Sunday evenings in the country are unauthorized protests, the protesters are building barricades, the police dispersed them with the help of special equipment.

Three candidates for the post of President of Belarus Anna Konopacka, Andrey Dmitriev and Sergey Cerecer on Wednesday filed complaints to the CEC with a request to recognize elections invalid.

Earlier in the headquarters Svetlana Tikhanovski stated that it did not recognize the results of the CEC.

Thus, all four of the opposition candidate are now demanding to cancel the results of voting.

On Wednesday morning, several dozen people lined up along Independence Avenue in a residential neighborhood Uruchcha in the East of Minsk, forming a "chain of solidarity".

Many participants were dressed in white, in hands they held flowers. Among the participants of "chain of solidarity" had a lot of women. As explained by RIA Novosti participants of the action, they want to Express solidarity with those who suffered during the protests.

Later, this action was joined by other cities.

Doctors also staged an unsanctioned action. They gathered at the Belarusian state medical University. Doctors held banners reading "Doctors against violence", "Stop the violence" and red and white flowers.

With protesting colleagues wanted to talk to the Minister of health Vladimir Karanik, however, the conversation did not happen. About an hour after the beginning of the action to the venue was approached by several police vehicles and police vans. Law enforcement officers watched from the cars, did not intervene.

The Minister of health has called the action srezhissirovannyj. According to him, doctors used to provoke law enforcement response law enforcement officers.

The protesters tried a new tactic. They tried to block traffic, to keep out security forces to the places of protest, but much of it didn't work.

In particular, the participants of the rally briefly blocked the Independence Avenue in Minsk near the Central Department store. Motorists are not outraged, but on the contrary, expressed their support.

After yelling "Go!" the protesters released the first half of the road, and then went with her at all.

Two employees of GAI in the environment have suffered because of the raids cars. As reported by RIA Novosti in the press service of Minsk police, the first incident occurred near the Yubileinaya hotel in Minsk.

It was said that the policeman was admitted to hospital, resuscitation was not needed, he will live. During the arrest of the driver who has brought down the employee of GAI, the police opened fire.

The second impact took place in Baranovichi. During the arrest of the assailant also used the weapon, but the offender fled.

A number of journalists were detained in Belarus. In particular, on Wednesday was detained two journalists of the Ukrainian media, the employee of "Radio liberty", two journalists of Polish TV channel "Belsat". The latest on the same day released. In addition, were detained and released the Italian journalist and freelance writer.

The head of the interior Ministry of Belarus Yury Karaeu stated that took under personal control the situation of journalists covering the protests. According to him, in most cases, the detained journalists are released without drawing up protocols. He instructed the security forces not to touch members of the media, if they do not stand between the offenders and police.

Other days it was reported about detention of several Russian journalists in Belarus: photographer MIA "today Russia" Ilya Pitalev, journalist Znak.com Nikita Telizhenko, employees Daily Storm of Anton Starkov and Dmitry Lisenko, journalist of "Medusa" Maxim Solopova, RT correspondent Konstantin Predybailo, journalists Sputnik of Belarus Evgeny Oleynik and Inna Grishuk, the correspondents of the TV channel "Rain", three stringers RT cooperating with the videoagentstvo Ruptly journalist Seeds Pegova and operator Vladislav Sysdata. During detention, they were treated with physical force. Some after they were released, banned entry to Belarus for five years.

As stated by RIA Novosti Secretary of the Union of journalists of Russia Timur Shafir, any attack on the press is illegal, all detainees in Belarus the mass media representatives "should be released unconditionally" and the lack of accreditation "is not the basis for hours of retention".

A number of Belarusian TV presenters announced resignation from government channels.

Later another famous Belarusian TV host Olga Belmac from channel "Belarus-1" announced the dismissal. "I'm on TV" - she wrote in Facebook.

The dismissal also said TV presenters Sergey Kozlovich and Vladimir Burko.

Detained in Minsk member of the "Open Russia" Artem Vagankovo threatens till 15 years of imprisonment in a criminal case about mass riots. This was reported RIA Novosti his lawyer Anton Gashinskaya.

Earlier, the state news Agency BelTA has published a video of detainees in Belarus people, who were called "instigators" of the riots in Minsk, two of the four claim that they are from Russia. "Open Russia" stated that it identified the record of their employees - Vezhenkova Artem and Igor Rogov. SK of Belarus said that Vasenkov and Horns are on the case about mass disorders and are in the status of suspects. Later she was released.

According to counsel, Vasenkov is in a temporary detention center, by law, must assume the lawyer, but it will not happen before Thursday.

The lawyer believes that the interest in Vagankovo by the police due to the fact that he represents the organization "Open Russia".

He added that Russian diplomats engaged in the issue of the return Vezhenkova home.

On Wednesday, the Republic came back online, the problems which began on 9 August. Communications Ministry of Belarus has recommended that Telecom operators be counted due to transient faults monthly fee.

The Ministry said that restricting access was associated with multiple cyber attacks on the infrastructure of telecommunication networks Belarusian operators and websites of government agencies and organizations.