Pompeo has threatened Russia a "great price" because of the rumors of a "deal" with the Taliban

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has threatened Russia with a "huge price" if confirmed the reports that she was paying the Taliban for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan.

At the end of June, the New York Times published an article that, citing unnamed representatives of the American special services claimed that Russian military intelligence allegedly offered associated with the Taliban militants rewards for attacking American soldiers in Afghanistan. No evidence of publication not cited.

The Russian foreign Ministry called the article a fake, and the head of Department Sergey Lavrov has linked the charges with the internal political struggle before the elections in the United States.

President Donald trump, for his part, called the article paid services. According to him, American intelligence did not consider information the New York Times credible. The Pentagon also said that it has no evidence of "collusion".

The official representative of the political office of radical movement "Taliban" Suhail Shaheen in an interview with RIA Novosti described the reports "deal" with Russia "erroneous and baseless information," which, he said, came from the Department of national security of Afghanistan.