The psychiatrist said when laziness is a sign of serious illness

Laziness is a normal human trait, but sometimes it can be a sign of illness. When you just need to pull myself together, and when it's time to run to the doctor, told in an interview to radio Sputnik psychiatrist-psychoanalyst, member of the Paris psychoanalytic society, and associate Professor, centre of psychiatry. Serbian Pavel Katchalov.

It is human nature to be lazy. Sometimes they even say that laziness is the engine of progress, because many inventions came to light only due to the fact that someone didn't want to do something yourself. Even in the languages of the peoples of the world it can be traced, observed Pavel Katchalov.

Normal laziness is a protective reaction of the body which helps to get rid of unnecessary work, explained in an interview with radio Sputnik Pavel Katchalov.

"There are normal laziness, when people protect themselves from the senseless work, which they either offer other people, or they are in the habit saddled on his shoulders. Then laziness allows you to wait to come to their senses, and part of the job is losing relevance. That is, laziness can be protected from excessive work, which is too vigorous, people sometimes try to impose on themselves and others," – said the analyst.

But is laziness of a different sort. When a person is willing and able to do anything. Moreover, cannot bring myself to act. It's already painful condition when you need professional help.

"It is likely we are about depression. In the case of this disorder have to go to a psychiatrist. Now there are many antidepressants that help from depression. Any person who has changed suddenly and ceased to resemble his former self, suddenly became unable to make the simplest of efforts, such a person would be well advised to seek help from a psychiatrist or relief from antidepressants. If this becomes a recurring problem, will help treatment," said Pavel Kachalov in an interview with radio Sputnik.