In Iraq, spoke about the explosion near the convoy of the international coalition

Column, near where the explosion occurred in the South of Iraq, was carrying equipment for the U.S. army, said the chief of police of the province of Sze-Kar Hazem al-Wiley

Earlier, the Iraqi TV channel "Al-Sumaria", citing the country's interior Ministry reported that during the passage of the column of the international coalition led by the United States in the town of Batha in southern Iraq explosive device. According to TV channel Sky News Arabia, the attack column of logistical support for coalition

According to him, the car was heading from Baghdad towards the port city of Basra.

"The bomb didn't hurt, only damaged the wheel of one of the machines," said Hazem al-Wiley.

On Tuesday, Arab television reported that an armed group staged an explosion next to a convoy of American vehicles on the Iraqi-Kuwaiti border. As specified media, the Iraqi Shiite group "ashab al-Kahf" took responsibility for the arranged explosion against the "American occupiers", noting that she was able to destroy American equipment, and greatly damaged the building of the checkpoint. The command of the joint operations in Iraq denied media reports about the explosion near the checkpoint on the border of Iraq with Kuwait.