In Thailand a drunk woman undressed and desecrated Buddhist temple

In Thailand, the tourist has angered local residents, naked climbing on a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai, reports The Sun.

The footage, shot by passers-by, captured 28-year-old Farah Haque from Bangladesh. She sits naked on the railing, drinking from beer cans and rudely expressed.

Locals tried to put the screaming a rest in a sarong. Arriving police detained her, and then taken to a local hospital. They said that the traveler arrived on a tourist visa, but since April has worked as an English teacher.

"She was drunk, could not control myself and made a big scene. First we took her to the hospital. When she sobers up, the doctors will check her mental condition," said police Lieutenant Colonel Somkid Pusod.

Authorities informed about the incident, Bangladesh Embassy.

Local Buddhists decided to clean the temple and wash places, which were a tourist.