Glucose explained his words about the "Ukrainian Crimea"

The singer Glucose explained published online the video, which she says "Crimea is Ukrainian".

Earlier, the state border service of Ukraine for three years forbade the artist to enter the country for visits of the Peninsula. The border guards released a video which asked the Glucose of how it relates to the return of the Crimea to Russia. The singer said that she is "not a politician" but "to be in Ukraine it is much more important". After that, the actress was asked about the affiliation of the Peninsula. Glucose is said that "Crimea is Ukrainian". The record shows that she was about to continue his sentence, but the guards cut off the video at this moment.

After this publication on the singer collapsed wave of criticism from users of social networks.

"I just came in from the shock. It was difficult at once to give any comments, mentally I was destroyed", — noted Glucose in instagram.

She stressed that does not want for her to think out any versions, so the singer presented his.

In Ukraine, the artist arrived to see friends and work on new music. Before that, the singer already was a ban on entry into the country after visiting the Crimea, but after the singer decided to try to go to Ukraine.

"When I was at customs, I have launched a special operation. I was taken in for questioning and interrogated for more than three hours. From the first minute I was crushed, the pressure was as if I'm some kind of terrorist. With me all the time spoke in the Ukrainian language, knowing that I do not speak spoke very rudely, removing and bringing to room again and again," continued Glucose.

Interrogating its employees were continually asked the same question: "Whose Crimea?". The singer tried to explain to him that he didn't want to get into politics, but she would not let go and continued to put pressure on her.

She also thanked the members and those who did not succumb to provocation, for support.