The jobs with the highest salaries

Experts in the field of IT and education, such as principals, can apply for high salary in August, the study of service Work.ru which is available to RIA Novosti.

According to the study, head of Department of development of web projects with experience from three years to offer up to 150 thousand rubles a month, and frontend developer with experience of two years — from 130 to 150 thousand rubles.

In anticipation of the school year jobs with high salary appear in the field of education. In particular, the Director of studies on educational work at a private school can earn 110-150 thousand rubles per month. For the position of a specialist, of the last courses. Also the ideal candidate will have the higher pedagogical education, experience of five years of experience in the Metropolitan or suburban schools. The successful candidate promise free meals, paid sick leave, vacation, as well as additional training and courses.

One of the highest sentences for salary in August — 300 thousand rubles per month — unable to dentists with experience of three years. In addition to the paperwork, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive consultation of patients to prosthetics by modern standards, as well as surgical dentistry.

Salary of 200 thousand rubles can be found in the field of marketing. For example, the income promise Digital marketer with experience of three years. A specialist will be able to work remotely two to three days per week is added to the study.