The nutritionist taught to differentiate noble rot from threat

Mold mold discord. If the brie is edible, the Altai cheese with green splashes is better to throw. How to protect yourself, said in an interview with radio Sputnik, dietitian, gastroenterologist, food blogger Nuria Dianova.

Special types of mold, which is used for cheese production, not harm the body. But the average person is much more likely to face spontaneously grew on the products of mildew, which should not get in the culture medium of the intestine, said in an interview with radio Sputnik gastroenterologist Dr. Dianova.

Bread, cheese, fruits, sausages mold is visible immediately. But to discover white mold in bottled dairy products, it is better not to shake before opening and see if there's mold on the cover. But there is mold that generally it is impossible to notice, so in the clear and out of the refrigerator foods are best stored no longer than two hours, the doctor advises.

One of the main tips that will help you to avoid eating spoiled food, to buy as much as you need and don't make too large stocks.