Riot police in Minsk broke batons, the staff of "KP in Belarus"

Riot police in Minsk broke batons, the journalist and the driver of the Belarusian "Komsomolskaya Pravda", RIA Novosti editor-in-chief of the edition Andrey Levkovsky.

According to him, the security forces did not stop even the fact that the journalist was wearing a vest "Press", introduced himself and showed accreditation. His colleagues were covering a rally of the opposition in the Serebryanka district on the outskirts of Minsk.

"Our driver was brought to the place correspondent, photographer and cameraman. Just then the riot police arrived, went into them and the protesters," — said the details of the Levkovsky.

Photographer and cameraman fled, and the correspondent Gennadiy Mozheiko tried to hide in the drafting machine.

According to him, journalists are now going to fix the beatings and file a complaint with the MIA.

Earlier it was reported about detention of several Russian journalists after the presidential elections in Belarus. Among them was a photographer for RIA Novosti Ilya Pitalev, correspondents RT and Sputnik of Belarus, three stringer RT cooperating with the videoagentstvo Ruptly, the staff of the Daily Storm, a journalist from "Medusa" and others. Editor in chief of RT and international news AGENCY "Russia today" Margarita Simonyan called on the authorities of Belarus to release them. The Russian foreign Ministry also said that Moscow insists on a speedy release of the journalists in Belarus. Most members of the media already released, but some have banned entry to Belarus for five years.

In the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in Minsk and other cities of Belarus opposition supporters for the third time came out on the street in protest against the election results in which incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko is in the lead by a large margin.

Police cleared the Rokossovsky Avenue in the South-East of Minsk, Independence Avenue on the North-East and Dzerzhinsky Avenue in the South-West. To disperse the protesters had to use non-lethal weapons.

Total during the riots affected hundreds of people, some of them were taken to the hospital. The most difficult situation is in the capital city on Monday night killed one of the protesters.