In Minsk riot police searched parked on the Avenue Rokossovskogo machine

Riot police searched parked on Rokossovsky Avenue in Minsk machine in search of protesters and hazardous substances, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The riot police was done to disperse the protesters on the Avenue Rokossovskogo in the South of Minsk, took the district under his control. Some of the protesters took refuge in their own parked cars, now the riot police was searching them in search of opponents, and hazardous substances.

One of the local residents refused to open their old Soviet car, in response, riot police smashed up the glass. The other driver, who brought on the scene, journalists and waited until they finish their work, the police seized a can of gasoline under the pretext that it may constitute a hazard or be used for arson.

Also, police dispersed protesters in the area of Stone hill, now in Belarus there are no large groups of protesters, the whole situation came back under the control of the security forces. On the streets few cars and people often come across crews of police buses with riot police and special equipment.