Fotokor RIA Novosti Pitalev reported on his return from Minsk to Russia

Photographer MIA "today Russia" Ilya Pitalev and journalist Znak.com Nikita Telizhenko returned to Russia.

As reported by RIA Novosti Pitalev himself, in the night of Wednesday they have a car crossed the border with Belarus.

Pitalev earlier told RIA Novosti that he was detained Monday in Minsk around 18:30, when he was going on an unauthorized opposition rally near the stele "Minsk — hero city".

Night Pitalev held in the militia Department of Minsk, then spent the whole day in jail "Zhodino". From there, he went on Tuesday evening and together with the staff of the Russian Consulate went to Smolensk.

Edition Znak.com lost touch with Telizhenko on Monday evening, when he went to the place of the protests that, according to the editorial assignment to cover the event. On Tuesday, with the assistance of the Consulate staff released him.

Both journalists denied entry to Belarus for five years.