The police ousted protesters from Rokossovsky Avenue in Minsk

The police ousted from Rokossovsky Avenue in Minsk motorists and pedestrians, the protesters against the results of presidential elections in Belarus, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

The cars that were stuck in traffic on the Avenue, left, movement from square Valeeva in the direction of the street Plekhanov is in normal mode.

At the intersection of these streets still focused a lot of special equipment, including light-armored vehicles, also present the police. Travel further along the Avenue is blocked, the traffic police deploys cars.

On the roadway scattered broken glass on the roadsides in some places are bottles and wooden sticks. During Stripping, the protesters attacked a police bus and broke his glasses.

Some of the protesters took refuge in their own parked cars, riot police began their search in search of opponents, as well as hazardous substances.

Suppressed the unrest in other parts of the city. Riot police cleared both sides of the Independence Avenue near the shopping center "Spectrum" in the North-Eastern edge. The protesters who stood along the roadway, was detained.

Gathered at the shopping center "Magnet" and Dzerzhinsky Avenue in the South-West of Minsk dispersed with rubber bullets.

Belarusians take part in unauthorised rallies for the third day in a row. The protesters do not agree with the election results in which incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko is in the lead by a large margin. During the riots injured hundreds of people, some of them were taken to the hospital. The most difficult situation is in the capital city on Monday night killed one of the protesters.