Employers will not be able to liquidate the company without paying fired

Employers will not be able to liquidate the company, while dismissed employees will not receive payment, put them on dismissal due to liquidation.

The relevant documents were signed on July 13, but only enter into force 30 days after official publication.

The employer must pay employees dismissed in connection with liquidation of the enterprise, funds in the amount of the average wage for three months. These payments are all fired to eliminate employees and do not depend on age or seniority. To receive payment for the second and third months will be only those employees who have not found a new job.

The laws that obliged the employer first make all payments to dismissed employees, and after complete liquidation of the company. In this case, the employer is allowed to enumerate in advance the payments for the second and third months. When an organization in a statement provided to the register, must be confirmed by the fact that the exercise of all payments.

Before receiving severance pay and average monthly earnings if the dismissal was warranted if the right to it has arisen, yet the former employer is continuing its economic activity.

However, the employee may not receive the payments if in the unified state register of legal entities were already included information about the termination of activity of the organization.