Riot police cleared Independence Avenue in Minsk

Riot police in Minsk cleaned both sides of the Independence Avenue near the shopping center "Spectrum" (the North-Eastern outskirts of the city, outside Moscow), reports Sputnik of Belarus.

The protesters who stood along the roadway, was detained.

As the correspondent of the Agency, the machinery already are leaving from the metro station "Uruchcha", which is near the shopping center "Spectrum", people on the streets have very little. Chants from the balconies also actually stop. Cars to freely drive on the roadway.

In the South-East, in the area of Serebryanka, the protest also went into decline. Police pushed the protesters motorists and pedestrians on the Avenue Rokossovskogo. During Stripping, the protesters attacked a police bus and broke his glasses. Now there is a special technique, however, the rioters have not seen.

Gathered at the shopping center "Magnet" and Dzerzhinsky Avenue in the South-West of Minsk dispersed with rubber bullets.

Belarusians take part in unauthorised rallies for the third day in a row. The protesters do not agree with the election results in which incumbent President Alexander Lukashenko is in the lead by a large margin. During the riots injured hundreds of people, some of them were taken to the hospital. The most difficult situation is in the capital city on Monday night killed one of the protesters.