Pushkov explained why Germany is fighting with USA for the "Nord stream — 2"

Senator Alexei Pushkov said that the competition of Germany and the United States due to the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2" is an unprecedented situation, writes "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

The rate of cooling of relations between Angela Merkel and Donald trump can be called the U.S. decision on the withdrawal of a dozen thousand American servicemen from the territory of Germany. The Senator is confident that protecting the "Nord stream — 2", Germany protects primarily itself.

The Senator believes that Germany will not surrender in the fight for the "Nord stream — 2", as the country is applying for informal leadership in the European Union, could not give back and show weakness. The Germans is more important than ever to demonstrate character.

In addition, in November there will be presidential elections in the United States. In case of victory of Joe Biden for his administration, probably, otherwise I put the question about the relationship between the United States and its allies in Europe, including Germany.

According to Pushkov, the victory of Biden, who is an Atlanticist and wants to improve relations with Berlin, Germany has a chance to save the "Nord stream — 2".

The United States opposes the project "Nord stream — 2", because they want to impose on the European States to supply its liquefied natural gas. At the end of last year, the us authorities have adopted a defense budget providing for sanctions against companies involved in the gas pipeline. It was forced to abandon the works of the Swiss Allseas.

The project is supported by Germany and Austria interested in a reliable fuel supply. The construction also serves Norway, the government which owns 30 percent stake in the company Kvaerner, one of the construction contractors.

In "Gazprom" earlier declared that will be able to complete the laying of the pipeline. One of the possible options involves the participation of anchor pipelayers, accompanied by another vessel, with dynamic positioning, capable of holding the ship in position without anchors and mooring. This role can perform the Fortuna, owned by MRTS, and "academic plan".

In late July, the us Senate has approved a new defense budget providing for additional restrictive measures against the "Nord stream — 2". Existing sanctions apply to organizations that are engaged in pipe-laying, and involved insurance companies.